6 нояб. 2010 г.

Cheap Guest Mobile Internet - Greece

According to Autumn 2010, Greece has only one option, available for guests - a prepaid card from a WIND operator which offers a capability of relatively cheap but not unlimited data-plan. Here we go:

Cheap Guest Mobile Internet - Finland

Fortunately, Finland now has even two great possibilities to get a quality and cheap mobile Internet - a prepaid sim card with a cheap data-plan or mobile pocket WiFi hotspot, so you can choose which one fits better. Here we go:

Cheap guest mobile Internet in various countries

Cheap Guest Mobile Internet

This series of articles will be dedicated on how to obtain a cheap mobile internet access in foreign countries when you're traveling / on vacation. As this topic might be interested not only to Russian speaking people, I'll write it completely in English.

All countries I already wrote about here was personally tested by me.  I'm going to add a new country just after I'll travel there and get the mobile access myself. Hopefully will be able to populate this list often :)

Countries I tried so far: